Migration is Not the Solution

Syrian refugees stream into Europe

Syrian refugees stream into Europe

As the lines of refugees at European border points get longer, it’s easy to feel outrage and anger that so many people are fleeing and hopeless. The European capitals ought to start taking in some refuges, but this is only a short- term Band-Aid solution to a much bigger problem.

How many people can relocate realistically? And what message is being sent to the Assad regime and ISIS when the conversation has shifted towards displacing people instead of displacing one demented political regime and a growing violent organization? How many people are supposed to go where? The focus needs to be on finding a long-term sustainable political solution and not getting caught up on the different quotas the different countries are now grappling with to deal with the influx.

The conditions that have caused this exodus have been constant and deteriorating. The suffering is real and detrimental and demands global attention and more importantly, action. There are too many displaced Syrians, the numbers vary but tell of a crisis not witnessed before. Not only is Syria suffering from a brain drain of its most vital and important resources, the message for those unable to leave is grim and frightening.

If the world is serious about doing something about the refugees, it needs to unite to do something about the regimes causing this exodus in the first place.

2 thoughts on “Migration is Not the Solution

  1. Absolutely. The problem is that Islam has not really created a free and prosperous society. Why? And how can that be changed?

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