ISIS is not the only enemy in Syria

Countries near and far vying for position and influence in the Syria conflict agree on one thing: ISIS is the enemy that needs to be destroyed. The solutions being put forth on how to go about that varies and mostly center around whether Assad should stay or go.

Russia and Iran support Assad using the argument that the devil you know is better than the one you don’t. That argument can’t hold true here because of what this devil and his regime have done to millions of innocent Syrians. For the memories of those who lost their lives, for the anguish of those who have been displaced, and for the uncertainty and suffering of those leaving everything behind and risking their lives and futures- there is no argument that would support Assad staying. His regime is synonymous with pain, suffering, death, and destruction- nothing can ever reverse that.

Putin came to the UN last week for the first time in a decade and made it clear that Russia will continue its support to the Assad murderous regime and maximized that support with aerial attacks- except those attacks didn’t only target ISIS but other groups that stand in opposition to Assad. President Obama said that the US will not engage with the Russians and we shouldn’t. Attacking ISIS while supporting Assad can’t be the same goal.

Russia’s intervention has veered the conversation once again from collectively dealing with one unified enemy to propagating the life and hold of another.

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