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Nadia’s web log.

Beauties and Beasts

Today, it was announced that Iraq has crowned its first beauty queen in over 40 years. Choosing out of the eight contestants, the judges decided on a tall, green-eyed, 20-year-old from the city of Kirkuk – a city long contested between the Arab Iraqis, who claim it to be an integral part of the homeland,… Read More

Veteran’s Day

At my crossfit class today in a swanky gym in Murray Hill New York, our coach started the class as he always does with the question of the day. Being Veteran’s Day, he asked if any of us are veterans? As I looked around at the 30 or so classmates who had assembled on this… Read More

When it rains in Iraq, it floods!

Seeing the photos of flooding posted by my cousins on Facebook reminds me once again on how corrupt and inefficient the Iraqi government remains. The city’s various neighborhoods are covered in water after a single day of heavy rain leaving citizens ferrying on makeshift floats just to go out for basic necessities. The infrastructure remains… Read More

Migration is Not the Solution

As the lines of refugees at European border points get longer, it’s easy to feel outrage and anger that so many people are fleeing and hopeless. The European capitals ought to start taking in some refuges, but this is only a short- term Band-Aid solution to a much bigger problem. How many people can relocate… Read More